Replacement May Or May Not Be To Your Advantage
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Should I Replace My Current Policy?


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If you have term insurance....

The cost of life insurance has dropped dramatically in the last few years.  Life insurance companies

seem to be furiously competing with each other for the lowest rates. If you are still in good health

and you have had your policy for a few years, it would certainly be a good idea to compare. 

Give me a call at 408-314-8858 and I will be happy to give you a comparison quote right over the

phone from the many companies with which I am licensed.

  What If I Have Whole Life Or Universal Life??

This can depend on various factors.  If you have had your policy

only a short time,replacement probably would not be advised.

You may suffer surrender penaltiesthat would take too long to

recoup. It could be very wise to replace olderuniversal life

policies, especiallyif you plan to keep the policy for quite a while

longer.  Here's a true lifeexample: Mr. X has had a universal life

policy for14 years. He is 48 yearsold. His death benefit is $100,000.

He is paying$60.00 per month into hispolicy, and he has a loan of

$2,310.  If he continuesthepolicy as it is,basedon projected and

guaranteed values, it will lapse in about13 years. That means it

will just end - no death benefit and no cashvalue. His wife is also

on the policyfor a $25,000 benefit.  If hewere to change to an

updated universal life policy, WITHOUTPAYING ANY ADDITIONAL

PREMIUM,he could do the following:

1.  Eliminate the loan.

2.  Extend his $100,000 death benefit from 13 years to 35 years.


3.  Provide a death benefit of $50,000 for his wife.

4.  Have a projected cash value of $13,000 at age 65 instead of  0.