Why Consider An Annuity?
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Compare the S & P 500 to Equity Indexed Annuity

What Annuities Provide...

  • Safety
  • Fair, Competitive Yields
  • Triple compounding
    • Growth on principal
    • Growth on that growth
    • Growth that did not come out to pay taxes
  • Avoid Probate
  • Reduce or eliminate potential tax on Social Security
  • Protected from creditors
  • Can be indexed to the stock market without downside risk
  • Can provide a guaranteed income that cannot be outlived
  • No management fees




  • Indexed to the S and P 500 or other stock funds.
  • Your return is based on the increase in the stock market.
  • Your gains are locked in each year.
  • The value only goes up.
  • Great option for annuity owners that are getting low rates.
  • Great alternative for those with money in the stock market and fear
  • that their stocks will fall in value.
  • Great alternative for those that have money in CD's and Money Market funds and
    have been nervous to place it in the stock market.
  • $100,000 invested in the S and P 500 in 2007 would have been worth $88,275 in 2012. 
  • It would have had an account value of $119,150 if invested in an Equity Indexed Annuity; 
    that's $30,875 more than the S and P 500.        
  •   See You Tube:  (https://youtu.be/hfup8GUW7wU) "Accumulate money tax-deferred and without downside


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